ACT® Whitening Mouthwash

Get a brighter, shinier smile and help your teeth thrive.

ACT® Whitening Mouthwash gives you a whiter smile in just four days.* But it doesn't stop there. This triple-action formula strengthens teeth, protects from cavities, and freshens your breath.

This swish will safely whiten your smile* and give your oral-hygiene routine a superior cavity safeguard. That’s why ACT® is the #1 dentist-recommended anticavity mouth rinse brand.

Helps prevent cavities

Freshens breath

Tastes great


Enjoy in Gentle Mint flavor

*When used as directed; vs. baseline.

Versus brushing alone.

Among OTC mouth rinses.

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Gentle Mint

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Product Information


Active Ingredient

Sodium fluoride 0.02% (0.009% w/v fluoride ion)

Sodium fluoride is a solution that fights cavities for stronger teeth and a whiter smile.

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Other ingredients

water, glycerin, xylitol, hydrogen peroxide, poloxamer 407, propylene glycol, pentylene glycol, flavors, sodium benzoate, sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, 4-t-butylcyclohexanol, menthol, sucralose, sodium saccharin, calcium disodium EDTA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Gluten is not an ingredient in ACT® Whitening Mouthwash. However, this product is not tested for the presence of gluten and is not certified as gluten-free.

  • ACT® fluoride products are designed to be “pH-neutral” to the pH of your mouth. ACT® Whitening Mouthwash has a pH between 6.0–7.6.

  • No, do not use ACT® Whitening Mouthwash after the expiration date. Please check the packaging for the expiration date.

  • ACT® Whitening Mouthwash may be used twice per day after brushing.

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